Flame Red Dog Bow

So Hot, Fire


 Look good in Bows

Not only stylish but made to last using quality fabrics.

Each bow has 2 elastic pieces sew into it to keep your bow securely in place.

  • Small bow approx. length 8cm and depth 4.5cm
  • Medium bow approx. length 11.5cm and depth 6cm
  • Large bow approx. length 14.5cm and depth 7.5cm

 Remember to check your pets’ accessories for wear and tear as no accessory is indestructible. It is the customers responsibility to determine whether the product is suitable for their pet.  This product is not Intended for chewing.  

 Adjust or replace as the pet grows.



Bow Sizing

Small/medium for smaller dogs or dogs looking for that classically preppy bow tie look.

Medium/Large: for bigger dogs, dogs with long fur, lady dogs, or small dogs looking to make a statement.

Cats can wear bowties, but keep in mind that they are independent animals and may not be as tolerant of accessories as dogs are. Most cats wear a small bow, however this can depend on the size of the cat. (please refer to size guide)

Our Bows are suitable for both girls and boys, wear them to the front like a bowtie, or to the back like a pretty bow.

There are two elastic Easy on/off fastens, just fit your collar through the loops, means you can change your dog's outfit in moments.  Some bows have an added Velcro strip, which allows
bows to be added to harnesses as well.