Handmade Treats

All natural handmade treats

Full of yummy goodness (wheat free).  Are not only highly nutritious but can help with doggy issues.  Beetroot is packed with vitamins and minerals.  Good for your dogs digestion and immune system.  Parsley and mint have an antibacterial and deodorising effect great for freshen breath!   Summer fruits are super for the immune system ad general health.  All of which taste wooftastic!

Our biscuits packs include 3 yummy flavours

Beetroot and cheese Composition beetroot, vegan cheese, oats and bananas, topped with dog friendly chocolate

Summer Fruits   Composition strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, bananas and oats.  Topped with dog friendly chocolate

Carrot and Parsley Composition carrots,  parsley, mint, oats, roasted peanuts (free from xylitol and palm oil).  Topped with dog friendly chocolate

Store in a cool place for up to 8 weeks or freeze for up to 2 months. Please make sure they are thoroughly defrosted before feeding.

Feeding Guide
· These treats are complementary and to be fed alongside a balanced diet.
· If you are unsure of any of the ingredients, please check with your vet before feeding.
· As with all treats, do not overfeed your dog and allow your dog access to fresh water at all times.