Moooover StepIn2 Dog Harness

Lets Go On A Walk

ScottiePawsPets MOOOOOOOOOver harnesses are fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit.  With a sturdy D ring for lead attachment and a sturdy, quick securing metal clip on the lead.

ScottiePawsPets harnesses are designed to be fun and quirky, yet comfortable for your furry friend when out on your adventures! Whether it is a walk around town, running along the beach or hiking in the hills ScottiePawsPets will keep you looking great.

All are products are hand washable at a low temperature, so you won’t have to worry if you have a mucky pup!

Remember to check your pets’ accessories for wear and tear as no accessory is indestructible. It is the customers responsibility to determine whether the product is suitable for their pet.  This product is not Intended for chewing.

Adjust or replace as the pet grows.

Dog StepIn2 Harness Sizes


Chest Range

Strap Width

Pet Weight


Extra Small

9.8-13.8 inches


0.39 inches




13.8-19.7 inches


0.59 inches




19.7-29.5 inches


0.78 inches




25.6-37.4 inches


0.98 inches




Size Guides

The Extra Small would typically fit the teacup breeds, Yorkshire Terrier, chihuahua and Pomeranian (please refer to size guide)

Our large size stepin2 harnesses are for the larger breeds and are adjustable (please see size guide).

Step-in harnesses have two holes through which the dog puts their legs. The harness goes around and closes on the dog's back. These harnesses are especially good for dogs that don't like putting items over their head.

Which harness to chose?

A step-in dog harness, can be placed flat on the ground, guide your dog's paws into the openings, and fasten around their body. An over the head dog harness requires slipping it over your dog's headfirst before fitting around their body by adjusting straps.

It is designed to restrain and help manage your dog, step-in
harnesses should hold up to quite a bit of abuse. Nylon is the most popular material for step-in harnesses.

We have either over-the-head adjustable harness or step-in2 style dog harness, meaning they are put on over your dog's head or by sliding up over your dog's front legs. All our step-in2 harnesses have a back ring for leash attachment, while our over the head adjustable dog harness styles may have a chest ring or a back ring with some having both.

Some dogs do not like having harnesses put over their heads. If your dog is nervous and finds this kind of harness distressing, a step-in2 dog harness is likely the best choice.